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AST Technology Labs has extensive expertise and experience in telecommunication product performance testing, product design consulting, and product specifications development.

Telecom Products

  • Telephone Devices (VoIP, Analog, Proprietary)
    - Handset - Headset - Speakerphone
    - Cordless – Answering Machine - PC
  • Voice Gateways (VoIP, FXO, FXS)
  • Analog Terminal Adaptors (ATA)
  • Set-Top Box (STB)
  • PBX (VoIP, Analog, Proprietary)
  • Telephony Semiconductors

Telecom Testing

  • Acoustics Testing
  • Amplified Features Testing
  • Caller-ID Testing
  • Network Interface Testing
  • Telephony Features Testing
  • Radio Frequency Immunity (RFI) Testing
  • Environmental Testing (Lightning, ESD, AC Power)
  • Gateway Testing (FXO and FXS interfaces)
  • Common Mode Noise Susceptibility Testing

Telecom Performance Standards

TIA-470.110-C Analog Headset Acoustics
TIA-470.120-C Analog Headset Acoustics
TIA-470.130-C Analog Speakerphones Acoustics
TIA-810-B VoIP Narrowband Telephone Device Acoustics
TIA-920 VoIP Wideband Acoustics
TIA-920.110-A VoIP Wideband Handset Acoustics
TIA-920.120-A VoIP Wideband Handset Acoustics
TIA-920.130-A VoIP Wideband Speakerphone Acoustics
TIA-504 Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)
TIA-1083-A Analog & VoIP Magnetic Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)
TIA-470.210-D Resistance and Impedance
TIA-470.220-D Alerter Acoustic and Response
TIA-470.230-C Network Dialing and Signaling
TIA-470.310-D Cordless RF Range
TIA-470.320-C Cordless Telephone Operation and Features
TIA-470.330-C Answering Machine
TIA-777-A Type 1/Type 2 Caller-ID, VMWI and CAS Detector
TIA-631-A Radio Frequency Immunity (RFI)
TIA-571-B Lightning, ESD, AC Power Variations, Drop
TIA-855-A Stutter Dial Tone Detection
TIA-1063 Terminal Adaptor Analog Port
TIA-912-B Gateway Transmission
TIA-464-C Analog PBX
TIA-594-B Multi-Line Telephone Systems
TIA-968-B Terminal Equipment connection to PSTN
ETSI TBR21 Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) signalling
ETSI TBR38 Analog Telephone Device
ETSI ETS 300 659-1 On hook data transmission (Caller-ID)
ETSI ETS 300 659-2 Off-hook data transmission (Caller-ID)
ETSI ETS 300 659-3 Data link message and parameter codings (Caller-ID)
China GBT15279 Analog Telephone Device
South Africa TE-001 Analog Telephone Device Acoustics
South Africa TE-002 Telephone Answering Machines and Recording Equipment
South Africa TE-003 Repertory Dialing
South Africa TE-005 Speakerphones
South Africa TE-010 Calling Line Identification (CLI)
AST Internal Testing Specifications
  • Cordless Battery Charging
  • Voicemail
  • Answering Machine
  • Conference Speakerphone
  • Multi-handset
  • Feature Functionality
  • Customer Use Evaluations
  • Subjective Speech Quality
  • Echo Performance
  • Common Mode Noise (Based on Bell Labs Loop Noise Survey)
  • Amplified Telephones